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Documentation Centre Amedeo Modigliani


Alessandro Schiavetti

Independent curator, he graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage specializing in archeology and topography, and then refine the studies related to the History of Art. He has always worked in the fields of contemporary art, publishing and event management. He collaborates for years with the historic publishing house Salomone Belforte & C. studying and developing in Venice the knowledge of the publishing world, and then found and become President of Aruspicina, a reality in which for five years he plans and organizes events related to the art world, contemporary art and events related to literature. He was the creator and Artistic Director of the Festival of Arts and Literature UnParcodiAutori before becoming Artistic Director and Curator of the Hermann Geiger Foundation, an Italian-Swiss institution that directs for many years and which promotes exhibitions and activities related to the development of culture. The multifaceted formation together with the historical-artistic culture, associated with dedicated studies at the scenic retrospective, led him to develop the concept of "Depth of Art" in the field of installations, where artwork and installation are absorbed for observational fruition unconscious within the settings themselves, which he personally designs. Always attentive to contemporary artistic themes aimed at recycling in art, he curates personal exhibitions of international artists that he brings for the first time in Italy as Sayaka Ganz, Brian Dettmer, Liz Gehrer and Enno de Kroon. He has designed and edited events and exhibitions of all topics; as well as exhibitions on great personalities like Leonardo da Vinci, Hermann Hesse and Jean Tinguely, he has curated photographic, historical, scientific, ethnographic and anthropological exhibitions, collaborating in this case with international realities such as Vogue US, National Geographic Society, Museum Der Kulturen, NONAM and other private and public institutions. He has published numerous catalogs and written in various magazines. He was the creator of the Hermann Geiger Literary Prize he directed for three years, and was the creator and Artistic Director of the CecinAutori Festival, Festival of Literature and Performing Arts. He is co-founder of ArtsAndProgress and President of ACS Art Center, reality with which he plans, promotes and plans art exhibitions and artistic studies.

Patrizia Marti

She is rector's delegate for Technological Innovation in the Humanities, and head of the laboratory of Robotics and Learning Technologies at the University of Siena, where he coordinates a multidisciplinary team.
She has a long experience of research in the design of interactive technologies in various sectors, from health, to cultural heritage, and entertainment.
She published on these topics in international scientific journals, books and book chapters, and conference proceedings.
She designed several interactive installations combining art and digital technologies, elaborating on the concept of aesthetic interaction, that sees beauty not only in appearance. As an alternative to a purely contemplative enjoyment, the aesthetic experience can be mediated by the use of interactive technologies that allow to actively interacting with the artwork, using our sensory-motor skills, as well as cognitive and emotional.

The full curriculum and videos of the interactive installations are available at:

Iacopo Ricci

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