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Privacy Policy

By following a policy of transparency and fairness, in accordance with current regulations and with a particular reference to the 30 June 2003 legislative decree Number 196 (From now on the "Privacy Code"), we provide you some information regarding the processing of personal data you submitted.

Please note that, under the Article 4, paragraph 1, letter A from the Privacy Code, by treatment we mean: "any operation or set of operations, carried out even without the aid of electronic instruments, concerning the collection, recording , organization, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, erasure and destruction of data, even if not registered in a database. "

1. Aims of treatment

1.1. Data gathered will be treated in accordance with article 24, paragraph 1, letter b) from the Privacy Code, with the following purposes:

  • to provide the services introduced on the website
  • to contact the customer for commercial purposes via e-mail or via telephone
  • to guarantee telephonic or email advice and assistance to the customers, also extended in time in relation to personal needs, and in relation to a request regarding one of the above mentioned services
  • to answer to the comments and reports sent us by our customers
  • to generally fullfil to the legal obligations

Sensitive data will not be gathered nor treated (for example subscriptions to syndicates, political parties or other associations, data regarding healthcare).
Data gathered will not be used for the purposes of sending commercial material or direct selling or for commercial information.
Data gathered will not be used to carry out market researches or commercial communications.

2. Providing data

2.1. You are free to provide or not your personal data to the purposes above mentioned. However we are obliged to inform you that your eventual refusal to this providing will cause the impossibility to pursuit the finalities stated in the point number 1.

3. Scope of communication and data spreading

3.1. Your data will not be spreaded, made available or given for consultation in any way to third parties.

4. Treatment's owner

4.1. Treatment's owner is:
Centro Documentazione Amedeo Modigliani

5. Responsables and appointees of the treatment

5.1. Data provided by you can be treated by our employees and/or collaborators, people nominated when needed in charge of data treatment, belonging to the following areas: Marketing, Commercial, Customer Service, Administration, Organisation, Technology.

5.2. Data provided by you will not be treated by third parties.

5.3. The list of the people in charge of data treatment is constantly updated and can be required sending a communication with the means indicated at the point 8.2.

6. Data transfer abroad

6.1. Data provided by you will not be transfered abroad.

7. Data treatment mode

7.1. Data treatment can be achieved with manual, automatized and telematics instruments with the purpose of memorize, manage and send data.

7.2. Data from the used web browser will not be gathered (IP adress, Operative system etc.).

8. Personal rights

8.1. Respecting and according to the articles 7 and 8 from the Privacy Code, we inform you that you have rights to:

  • know the existence of personal data involving yourself and that have to be provided to you in a intelligible form.
  • know the origin of data involving yourself.
  • know the purposes and mode of treatment
  • know the logic applied in case of treatment with electronic devices
  • know the details of the owner and the employees of the treatment
  • update, corrections or integrations of personal data involving yourself
  • deleting, transformating in an anonymous way or blocking personal data involving yourself
  • oppose with legitimal reasons to data treatment still pertinent to the gathering purpose

8.2. To excercise the rights summarized in the article 7 of the Privacy Code, the customer can apply directly to the owner of the treatment of personal data via email or traditional mail.

9. Cookie

Cookies are used on our website to give our customers a better experience and service. This document describes the categories of cookies that we use, their purpose and how to edit your preferences.

What are cookies?

HTTP cookies (commonly denominated web cookies, tracking cookies or simply cookies) are text strings used to execute automatic autentications, sessions tracking and specific information memorization involving the users that log in to the server, for example bookmarked websites, in case of internet purchases, the content of their shopping cart.

Which cookies do we use?

Cookies we use allow us to analyze traffic models from users that visit our website so we can improve its usability.

Here are some of the cookies used in our website:

Technical cookies

It's possible that technical cookies are used to allow users to benefit from requested services by means of our website. Without these cookies, providing services will not be possible.

Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies could be used to gather informations about the usage of the website. Furthermore these cookies allow to obtain detailed technical information like last visited page, the number of visited pages, which parts of the website are clicked by users and the time between one click and another. These informations could be associated to user's details like IP address, domain or browser, however they are analyzed together with data from other people so it's not possible to identify a specific user.

For example these cookies could be used on our website to:

Analyze and improve our website performance and design
Calculate errors that occur on our website to improve the service and manage possible complaints
Third parties tracking cookies
Third parties tracking cookies could be sent to the user's device from websites from related third parties websites.

Functionality cookies

These cookies are not fundamental, but allow to benefit from different functionalities on our website.

For example these cookies could be used on our website to:

Remember the selected preferences by the user during previous visits, like country, language, interets and website presentation, layout, font size, colors and so on.
In this way, the user does not have to insert again these informations.
Remember the answers given to the questions asked by our site so that they are not asked again to the user

Third parties cookies

When an user uses our website it's possible that some cookies are saved and not controlled by us. This happens, for example, if the user visits a page that contains content from a third party website. Consequently the user will recieve cookies from these third parties services. Cookies don't contain personal informations, unless the user has logged in to his account.

For example, third parties cookies could be generated by:

YouTube or Facebook
Trusted operators
Paid media agency
We don't control the memorization or the access to these cookies. For further information about the use of cookies from third parties please check their Privacy Policy.

How to change cookies preferences

Most browsers allow to delete cookies from the computer's hard drive, to block cookies acceptance or to receive a notification before a cookie gets saved.

Below a list of the most used browsers and how to disable cookies:

What happens when cookies are disabled?

However if the user blocks or deletes a cookie, it could be impossible to recover the preferences or the custom setups specified previously and our capacity to customize the user's experience will be limited.